Culture. Future. Goal.
We Act to Bring Local Visions to Global Tables.

Entitled “Culture. Future. Goal. We Act to Bring Local Visions to Global Tables”, the UCLG Culture Summit is the main meeting point at global level of cities, local governments and organisations that are committed to the effective implementation of policies and programmes on culture and sustainability.

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The Summit Has Four Main Axes:

The Summit will reinforce the messages, build capacities and promote peer-learning about the role that culture plays in sustainable development at the local level

with concrete examples of policies, programmes and projects. These debates aim at promoting the cities with extraordinary cultural rights initiatives that manage to expand freedoms and improve the lives of people through cultural processes, whether in the field of heritage, creativity or diversity.

The Summit will discuss the contents of a dedicated Culture Goal in the UN post-2030 Agenda and the steps needed to convince all stakeholders that are not aware or still hesitate.

With the leadership of the #Culture2030goal campaign, these debates aim at influencing the UN Summit for the Future (September 2024).

The Summit will provide the opportunity to unfold the UCLG Pact for the Future and to examine Culture 21 Actions

To renovate the learning and capacity-building programmes offered to cities and local and regional governments worldwide.These debates aim at improving UCLG work and unfold the Pact for the Future with concrete actions.

The Summit will include an academy of urban journalism, aiming
to join efforts to increase the understanding

and rigorous information about the local efforts for cultural rights and towards a Culture Goal in the UN Development Agenda.