UCLG Global
Cultural Summit
Dublin 2023

The City of Dublin (Republic of Ireland) will host the fifth UCLG Culture Summit from 28 November to 1 December 2023, under the auspice of the Dublin City Council and the Dublin City Council Culture Company.

Entitled “Culture. Future. Goal. We Act to Bring Local Visions to Global Tables”, the UCLG Culture Summit is the main meeting point at global level of cities, local governments and organisations that are committed to the effective implementation of policies and programmes on culture and sustainability.

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Ogham is an ancient Celtic script consisting of straight lines carved on stones or wood. We’ve chosen the Ogham word for Culture to represent our guarantee as a place of culture in global debates on sustainable development.

The Main Themes

A Culture Goal in the SDGs:

Why it is needed and how you can be involved.

Culture and gender equality:

How cultural actions contribute to more equal and more democratic cities and territories.

Culture, wellbeing and health:

Scientific evidences and innovative policies.

Culture and sustainable tourism:

Local policies can align or converge.

Cultural rights and communities:

Unfolding the Pact for the Future.

Culture and climate resilient development:

Why a cultural perspective is essential in climate action and Eco transition.

Culture and accessibility:

How communities are empowered.

The cultural localisation of the SDGs:

The results of the Seven Keys workshops.